Best Dog Treadmills 2020 – Complete Review Guide

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Best Dog Treadmills 2020 – Complete Review Guide

 We are all familiar with the challenge of getting the motivation to go for a regular workout, despite knowing all the benefits associated with it.

Now since, pets tend to mimic their owners, we have advanced this lethargy over to them as well.Though chances of obesity are there at every age, it is most prevalent is middle-aged dogs between the ages of five and ten. 

In fact, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over 55% of adult dogs in the US are overweight or obese.

Chances are that your dog is just as lazy as its owner when it comes to exercise and staying fit. This further leads to a range of health issues in many species.

However, all that is about to change. It is about time we started showing some tough love for our adorable furballs and start getting them fit.

We present to you; the best dog treadmills of 2020 and we hope that they will part of every pet household soon enough. 

Best Dog Treadmills of 2020

We have complied a list of the absolute best dog treadmills available in the market. Furthermore, for the convenience of pet owners, we have divided them into two appropriate categories – small dogs and medium to large dogs. 

So, firstly let’s start off with the adorable smaller dogs and take you through which treadmills will suit them best.

Small Dog Treadmills - Top picks

Small Dog Minipacer

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mini dogpacerBuy Now

For the first option, we have selected one of the best and most popular options in the market. With an Amazon rating of 4.5 Stars, The Dogpacer Minipacer is surely a great option for dogs and owners. Designed specifically for smaller species, it has a suggested capacity of up to 55 lbs.

  • It comes with great customizability options and can go from 0.5 MPH all the way up to 7.5 MPH, which is guaranteed to get even the most energetic of canines to tire out.
  • This speed can of course be increased gradually in 0.1 MPH increments.
  • The treadmill also has an incline of 4.5 degrees to help your dog burn off some extra calories during the workout.
  • The running area is 16 inches (W) X 38 inches (L), which is ideal for a small dog.
  • It also comes at a reasonable price and the equipment offers great value for money since the build quality is top notch.
  • It is made from carbon steel and is not extremely robust but also lightweight and easily portable at just 48 lbs.

Additionally, it comes with pre-installed fitness programs that can help you dog become fitter and healthier before you know it.

DogTread Small Dog Treadmills

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DogTread Small Dog TreadmillBuy Now

If your dog is used to luxury and has grown up with the finer things in life, then this is the option for you. If you and your dog tend to go for top shelf products, you have found it. This premium small dog treadmill is one of the most luxurious and well-built treadmills ever. It is also one of the most innovative and sophisticated pieces of canine technology out there.

  • It comes with a built-in doggy treat dispenser, which will not only help your dog adapt to the treadmill but also help him loose weight faster.
  • It also comes equipped with an LCD console which will display a variety of options such as Speed, Distance and Time of each workout.
  • This can help you create customized workout programs for your dog to deliver the best results.
  • The design is not just good looking but is also sturdy and dog-friendly.
  • The DogTread has a whisper-quiet motor and is free of any holes or seams to ensure your dog doesn’t get a paw caught anywhere.
  • It can be easily folded and tucked away anywhere in the house with the utmost convenience.

Additionally, it is suitably equipped with wheels to help you transport it around whenever necessary. One of the best dog treadmills available in the market for small dogs.

GOPET Treadwheel

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GOPET TreadwheelBuy Now

Now, this product is taking you away from the traditional treadmill and into a more creative category. A treadwheel is similar to a treadmill but is shaped like a wheel with the animal running inside it. The aesthetic can be related more with that of a hamster wheel.

The best part about a treadwheel is that along with getting fit, dogs also have a lot of fun on it. So, if you have a lazy dog who does not like to walk or run too much, you should surely go for this option.

  • The GOPET treadwheel is great for smaller dogs and comes with a maximum capacity of 25 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 19 x 42 x 45 inches with a 40 D X12 W running area and of course an unlimited running surface.
  • This treadwheel will come with a running surface mat that helps you dog run comfortably and without causing any damage to his legs.
  • Another useful feature is that it does not need electricity and is hence a onetime investment.
  • Your dog can get on it anytime and have a gala time, even when you are not at home.

Petrun Dog Treadmill

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Petrun DogTreadBuy Now

The PetZen DogTread is designed for dogs that are up to 50 pounds in weight and comes in the following dimension; 62 x 24 x 19 inches.

  • The unique low-profile platform with an integrated console helps the dogs to have an easier time on the treadmill.
  • It has an easy one step flip-bar incline adjustment that makes it easy to increase training intensity.
  • This will then help simulate outdoor terrain to develop endurance and strength.
  • This premium treadmill is not only space-saving but also extremely convenient and space saving. It is constructed of high-quality materials and workmanship and is bound to last you a long time.
  • PetZen suggests that a 30-45 mins of light walking your dog needs daily regardless of weather, time or physical restraints for optimal health and longevity.
  • It also comes with an LCD panel that can be used to track speed, time and distance. It has a running area of 47×17 inches and comes with the option to change speeds between 0-7 MPH.

The Dogtread has been recommended by the top Veterinarians making it a great choice for pet parents. Even the American Pet Association has given it 5 STAR rating.

Medium to Large Dogs Treadmills

Now that we have taken you through the best treadmills for small dogs, let’s now look into the medium to large dog category. Though the functionality of these treadmills will majorly remain the same, the size and capacity will certainly increase.

Gopet PR720F

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Gopet PR720FBuy Now

Very popular dog treadmill which is perfect for the medium ones in your household.

  • It has a maximum capacity of 132 pounds which is close to 60 kgs.
  • It has an overall area of 15 x 123 x 74 inches with a running area of 52 X 16 inches.
  • It is spacious and is perfect for dogs that love to walk and run around the house and in the park.
  • The treadmill is built on a low running platform which helps your dog to easily get on and off within no time.
  • It is built with the latest technology to provide customization and convenience for you.
  • The speed options go from 0.6 all the way up to 7.5 MPH which is certainly a wide range.
  • Additionally, it also comes with a speed and timer control in built for you to make sure your little buddy doesn’t over work himself.

This treadmill also offers a range of security features such as the emergency safety stop and also a dog chain holder. So, if you are looking for a high value dog treadmill, there is no need to look any further. 

This is the one of the best dog treadmills in the market and will surely offer your dog the exercise that it needs.

GoPet PR725

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GoPet PR725Buy Now

Next up is the PR725 which is another great option for big dogs as it has a huge capacity and build area.

  • Its dimensions are 90 x 26 x 22 inches.
  • It weighs 137 pounds and can handle a dog of up to 175 pounds.
  • It also has one of the highest maximum speeds of 10 MPH, which will get your cute pup running out of breath within a few minutes.
  • However, there are slower options on the treadmill and the speed starts at 0.6 MPH.
  • Additionally, there is also an option available to adjust the incline of running ramp to provide additional resistance.
  • GoPet has also figured out a way to keep your dog on the treadmill for a longer time.
  • They have the added the option to attach a dog toy at the front of the treadmill.

This is a great option for pet owners who have larger dogs and do not have the time or energy to take them out for long walks or runs. This Dog Treadmill is bound to tire your dog out and get him to bed on time along with numerous health benefits of course.

Dogpacer LF 3.1

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Dogpacer LF 3.1Buy Now

This is anextended version of the Dogpacer Minipacer and is designed specifically for larger dogs with a maximum capacity of 179 lbs.

  • This is a particularly larger treadmill with its dimensions when folded at (inches) 8.5 H 42.28 L x 22 W and dimensions when open at (inches) 46.18 H x 76.77 L x 27.16 W.
  • It has a running area of 71 x 16.5 inches and weighs 84.4 lbs.
  • This is surely one of the most popular dog treadmills in the market today with a super quiet motor and premium quality.
  • It even has its own patented folding technology that helps make the device very convenient to manage when not in use.
  • It is also extremely safe and value for money since the frame is offered with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It also comes with vibrant side panels to help your help concentrate on the work out and not wander off.
  • It is also great for dogs recovering from serious injuries and can help them come back to running form in no time.
  • With the high-tech LCD display, you can create programs and incorporate the best routines according to your dog’s lifestyle and fitness goals.

One of the best dog treadmills available in the market for big dogs.

Dog Runner K9 Racer

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Dog Runner K9 RacerBuy Now

Now this is a proper heavy-duty treadmill for your extra-large and extra heavy dogs. The Dog Runner has a maximum capacity of 330 pounds which is more than enough to cover even the largest of breeds out there.

  • This treadmill also has one of the highest maximum speeds at 13 mph and can be used to train professional racing dogs.
  • It also has a huge running surface at 70 “x 23.62” and is built at 93.70” x 30.78” x 42.27”.
  • For training and monitoring purposes, there is an LCD screen attached with a variety of options available for you to customize.
  • It also comes with a motorised option for inclining up to 15% to add an extra layer of challenge to the training.
  • In terms of security, this is a very safe treadmill and comes with a crossbar where you can hook your dog’s leash during a run.
  • It also comes with sturdy side panels and back gate help focus and ensure further safety.
  • Due to size and weight of the machine, it has been smartly attached with trolley wheels to help you move it around the house.

Overall, if you are the proud of a big dog then this is surely the best dog treadmill for you. Its huge size will surely make your dog will comfortable and help him become healthier and happier.

PETSITE Dog Treadmill

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PETSITE Dog TreadmillBuy Now

The first thing that you will notice about this treadmill is the build quality.

  • It is made from the most premium materials such as 600 D Oxford cloth, ABS and iron pipes.
  • All this makes this treadmill surely one of the most strong and sturdy constructed treadmills that can handle a weight of up to 200 pounds.
  • The treadmill is also constructed in a very efficient manner.
  • It has detachable pieces of clothing on both sides that blocks the dog’s line of sight to avoid any distractions.
  • It also comes with a remote control that can be used for a variety of functions such as speed adjustment, program change, emergency stop etc.
  • Additionally, there is also a state-of-the-art display that displays the speed, time, calories and distance.
  • There are twelve different modes that can be set with multiple speed and timing functions. 

Petsite has also incorporated an option to adjust the height of the treadmill to meet specific needs of your furry friend.

Though the device will not be provided in an assembled state, it is very practical and easy to set up with an installation time of just 20 minutes.

Why should I buy a Dog Treadmill?

We have now taken you through the best dog treadmills available and also want to make you understand the important of buying a treadmill. 

As you would imagine, there are a variety of practical and health benefits associated with dog treadmills. So why should you buy a dog treadmill?

Ease of use

  • Running/walking is surely the easiest forms of exercise out there for dogs. 
  • Though initially they may have some challenges with the technology but they do easily get used to the idea and then have a great time on it. 
  • Additionally, most treadmills are very convenient to use for the pet owners as well and need no time to set up and use. 
  • They also be easily stored and neatly tucked away into the corner of any room of the house.

Time Saving

  • Though we do love our little fur balls, taking care of them is surely a challenging and time-consuming task. 
  • Due to other tasks that keep us occupied throughout the day, it is very sometimes difficult to dedicate time to take care of your dog. 
  • A Dog Treadmill is surely the best solution for this problem as it can there is no need to take out time specifically for a long walk. 
  • In fact, once dogs get used to it, they can also use the treadmill without the presence of their owners. 
  • This is surely one step to offer your dog the independence they need and deserve.

Monitor Progress

  • With the latest technology available on treadmills, it is extremely easy for you to monitor the progress being made by your dog. 
  • You can track metrics such as time, distance, calories etc. 
  • This really makes it easy to create a fitness program and then measure the results and progress being made. 
  • It is suggested you consult your vet about the ideal time and speed on the treadmill and also about the diet of your dog.
  •  Club these two together and you will see results in no time.

Health benefits

  • The prevalence of Diabetes in dogs has shot up by 850% in the last five years. This is primarily due to weight gain.
  • As previously mentioned, obesity in dogs is surely an epidemic sweeping across breeds and ages.
  • Additional benefits of running include improved mental health, stable blood pressure, stronger immune system, increased joint strength etc.
  • The list goes on and it is pretty clear that this form of exercise is something that every dog (and every human) should practice.


  • To say that dogs have a lot of energy is an understatement.
  • Most of them, especially when they’re young, seem to be balls of endless energy and can be a handful.
  • This can sometimes become a challenge for the entire household to get any peace and also cause dogs to not get enough sleep.
  • Running will surely get them down for a mindful sleep and also help in reduction of stress and anxiety as well.

Rain or shine

  • A treadmill in the house surely reduces the number of excuses we make for not working out. 
  • It all comes down to the sheer convenience of the product which is unmatched.
  • It doesn’t matter what weather it is raining, snowing or sunny. 
  • Your dog can workout at any time right at home, this increases consistency which is essentially the key to fitness.

Better than human treadmills

  • Human treadmills have a shorter track surface since humans have a shorter stride.
  • This might not cause a challenge to smaller dogs however for larger dogs this surely does create a restricted movement.
  • Dog treadmills will have longer running belts to accommodate the dog and allow for a free and careless stride.
  • Exercising a dog on a treadmill with improper length can result in an unnatural gait and joint problems down the road.

Safer than human treadmills

  • On the front and back of human treadmills, you will find large end caps whereas not in dog treadmills.
  • These end caps can be very dangerous for dogs since their paws and claws can easily get caught up in them and cause a rip.
  • Additionally, human treadmills do not offer side rails which will help train a dog to use the treadmill.
  • These are very important and you will find that most dog specific treadmills will incorporate them for added safety.

Reduced Impact

  • Whenever dogs run on pavements or other hard surfaces, it takes a toll on their legs and overall bodies.
  • This can eventually cause back, knee and ankle problems in old age which is just heart breaking for dogs and their owners.
  • The modern treadmills come with shock absorbent technology that reduce the impact on your joints.
  • The softer surface also allows you to run for a longer time hence increasing the rate of weight loss.
  • Additionally, treadmills offer a flat surface all the way with no surprises in terms of terrain. 
  • This avoids any forms of injury that can be caused to your dog while running outside.


  • Many dogs are inherently shy or extremely aggressive when they are out in dog parks.
  • Of course, it is almost impossible to understand what is going on in their doggie brains.
  • For such dogs, it does become a challenge to get a physical work out done.
  • In such cases, you should surely get a dog treadmill as soon as possible.

Physical Rehabilitation

  • Unfortunately, physical injuries are not uncommon in dogs and can cause a lot of stress on their bodies.
  • Dog treadmills are very useful for dogs who have undergone surgery or other serious treatments.
  • In fact, exercise wheels and treadmills can sometimes be the only way to get your dog back to the health.
  • With the help from your vet, you can design a physical rehabilitation program to restore your dogs’ mobility without causing any permanent damage.

Total Control

  • Lastly, we would like to highlight that on a treadmill, you are in total control.
  • You can adjust a variety of features on the treadmill according to your dog’s fitness and goals.
  • Some of the treadmills are also available with a remote control to adjust and control how your dog’s fitness routines.
  • It won’t be long before there are smart treadmills available for dogs that can be hooked to your phones and offer a seamless experience.

Things to consider while purchasing Dog Treadmills

Purchasing a dog treadmill is a sizeable investment and you want to make sure that you get the right one which is best suited for your buddy. So here we have covered all the things you need to consider and avoid while purchasing a dog treadmill.

  1. Size
  • This is a fairly obvious consideration for sure and it should be the first thing that will help you make a decision.
  • In fact, we have divided all our suggested treadmills in terms of sizes as well. So, depending upon the size of your dog you can either go for a small treadmill or a larger one.
  • This is also very important since a medium to large dog will face a challenge on the smaller treadmills and vice-versa.
  • The first thing you need to do is to weigh your dog and then in accordance to then take it from there.
  • Also, if you have limited space in your house, choose a compact option that can be folded and stashed.
  1. Cost
  • This is something that we would not have too much control over.
  • Though we would like to give our dogs the best things in the world, sometimes our budget won’t allow that.
  • However, even if you do go for an economical dog treadmill, make sure that the features and requirements are in line with what your dog needs.
  • So, do not compromise on quality or features as those are the things that matter in the end.
  1. Speed
  • There are a variety of speed options available on a dog treadmill.
  • However, you must understand the purpose of buying your dog a treadmill. For example, if your dog has had a recent injury and you are looking for rehabilitation then do not invest in a treadmill with a high maximum speed.
  • On the other hand, if you have a fast breed like a greyhound, you should go for a higher speed.
  1. Protective sides

As previously mentioned, some dog treadmills have walls on the sides for focus and safety. Though ideal for some dogs, it may also be extremely frightening and stressful for others.

This really depends on the type of dog you have – some them to be too imposing and restrictive, while others find the walls to give them a sense of safety.

If your dog does not find the treadmill comfortable, it will surely be a challenge to get him to use the treadmill repeatedly.

However, many dog treadmills will offer the option to detach the side panels, so you can test out both options.

  1. Sound

All dog owners know how uncomfortable dogs can get with loud and unpleasant sounds.

  • So, if your dog is particularly sensitive to noise, you must ensure to get a dog treadmill that is whisper quiet.
  • The sounds are majorly created from the motor that is installed in it and premium motors tend to make lesser noise.

Although you won’t find a treadmill that is completely silent, you can find ones that are fairly quiet.

  1. Incline
  • Another very important feature that needs to be considered while purchasing a dog treadmill.
  • The purpose of an incline is to add resistance to the training routines and this is done for a variety of reasons.
  • It may be a part of physical rehabilitation that your vet has suggested or it may be because your dog does not find flat running to be challenging enough.
  • Additionally, there are different options in terms of the amount of incline as well.
  • So, whatever may be the reason, make sure you do check for this feature during your dog treadmill purchase.
  1. Set up
  • Most of the dog treadmills will be sent to you in a non-functional form with some assembly required.
  • Make sure that you understand how exactly your dog treadmill needs to be set up or you may be in for a world of challenges.
  • Though most of them will be fairly easy to set up, some might have far more complicated procedures, for which you may need professional help.
  • Needless to say, that help will come at an extra cost and should be added to your overall investment in the treadmill.

Dos and Don’ts for Dog Treadmills

You must understand that having a dog and keeping him safe is a great responsibility you take on. 

With a dog treadmill, this responsibility will surely be taken up a notch and you must follow some clear guidelines to avoid any unfortunate incident. You insist that you go through all of the following points very carefully to ensure the safety of your dog.


  • Read the instructions manually given by the manufacturer very carefully and follow each and every instruction set given in there
  • Consult a veterinarian (or rehabilitation specialist or physiotherapist) to set up a routine and program for your dog
  • Carefully follow instructions that have been established by your vet or physio
  • Regularly be in touch with your vet or physio for frequent updates and advice
  • Make sure that your dog can walk/run obediently on a leash
  • If your treadmill offers the option, ensure you use a harness on the treadmill. This will ensure support during a stumble or fall
  • During initial training, you can walk alongside your dog while holding the leash and encouraging him
  • If your dog is comfortable, use the side panels whenever possible to avoid stepping off the side and unnecessary distractions
  • Use lots of doggie treats for positive reinforcement. You can also use the dedicated slot that is available in many treadmills
  • While on the treadmill ensure you are offering water frequently to avoid dehydration
  • In the beginning start with 2-3-minute sessions at first
  • If your dog is frightened or uncomfortable, you should stop the session immediately and slowly start again, while rewarding his progress
  • Be aware of your dog’s fatigue level as it can predispose your dog to falls and trips
  • Some treadmill models will allow for a quick release lead tie that can help you keep your dog on the treadmill. Ensure to use these with caution and according to the manufacturer’s directions


  • Use loud voices during sessions because if your dog is hesitant, using a loud voice can create fear and long-term problems
  • tie your pet’s collar to the treadmill, as a fall could lead to strangulation
  • Start too off too fast
  • Leave your pet alone on the treadmill, especially in the beginning
  • Use negative reinforcement or punishment
  • Increase the incline of the treadmill too fast
Can a Dog use a Human Treadmill?
Although human treadmills and dog treadmills look similar, dogs should not be using human treadmills and there are a variety of reasons. Firstly, human treadmills have a smaller running tracks and are also much narrower, which is not suitable for medium and large dogs. Human treadmills also don’t have walls or rails to protect the dog from falling off the treadmill.
How long should a dog run on a treadmill?
Running on a treadmill is a much more intensive exercise compared to a run in the nearby dog park. It’s also important to start with briefer sessions and gradually increase their length and intensity. It is recommended that one running session should not exceed 30 minutes and that should have up to 2 sessions a day. These are of course generic figures and it is wise to consult a vet to specific details about your dog.
What if my dog gets bored with the treadmill?
It is understandable if your dog is getting a little tired or bored with his treadmill workouts. If your dog no longer enjoys the treadmill, you can try giving some extra encouragement with dog treats to continue the sessions. I fact, there are some treadmills that come with special treat compartments for your dog’s convenience. Another trick that can be used is to place his favorite toy in front of the treadmill to give him an extra boost.
What if the dog is scared of the treadmill?
If the dog is feeling anxious around the treadmill is reluctant with the workout, you can start by offering him a toy or some treats to encourage him. This should work in most cases but if it doesn’t not, you can feed your dog full meals when he is standing on the track. The idea is to make the treadmill a part of your dog’s routine. This means you should not overreact or be too focused on teaching your pup to use the device and let him ease into using it.
How do I clean my dog treadmill?
Cleaning a dog treadmill is a fairly simple task. Firstly, using a vacuum cleaner, you can pick up all the hair or debris. Make sure to cover not only on the belt part, but also in the areas where the belt is attached to the frame. Next, use must use a very mild soap and non-abrasive cloth to wipe off the belt and any other areas that are prone to dirt. Last, Dry with a clean towel and you’re done. Make sure that you don’t use a harsh cleaner, as this might erode or damage the components.
Does my dog need to warm up when using a dog treadmill?
Yes, he does. Ensure that your dog doesn’t just start running right away. Just like humans, this will surely increase the chances of a serious injury. Your dog needs to warm up first, you can do this first by walking, then gradually ease him into a run. On the other hand, he should also slow down to a nice brisk walk before he stops altogether. This will allow his muscles a chance to recover and also his body to cool down.


So now we have taken you through the complete and detailed guide to dog treadmill. This will definitely help you make a decision on which treadmill to buy in 2020. Apart from everything else the most important thing is health of your pup and all other pups in the world.

Keeping dogs healthy is exactly what we were trying to promote here to avoid fatal diseases like Diabetes, Heart disease, Respiratory disease, Liver problems etc. So, with regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet, you too can help your dog lead a happier and healthier life. So, let us all take a pledge to ensure that we will keep ourselves and our dogs healthy in the coming time.

So, are you planning to buy a new dog treadmill or do you already have one? Tell us. Also, let us know if you have any other suggestions for the best treadmills available in the market.

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